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“Hi Judy, thank you for your series. It has been so much fun, and the speakers are terrific! I gave my agent a book proposal many months ago. I was convinced that the project would never happen.Then came your series! I listened to Erika and did a ton of tapping. A few days later, I got an email from my agent saying that a large publishing house made an offer on our proposal that included an enormous advance as well as royalties! I can't thank you enough, Judy! It's awesome!” ~Jean, USA

a body that vibrates so high
dis-ease has to find another home?

“I experienced a physical transformation in my brain and my body. No words can explain this. Thank you very much.” ~ Mugla,Turkey

“WOW, no more back pain! Thank YOU!” ~ Brenda, USA

finally knowing your soul’s purpose?

“Overjoyed!!! I’ve been thinking of two different career paths and during the meditation I got confirmation of which path to take. I feel so clear and excited!” ~ Joslin, USA

being happy and joyous?

“WOW, something happened during that process.I’ve been down so much lately because my life seemed like a total mess. It’s like a dark cloud has lifted and for the first time in months I feel so wonderful. THANK YOU.” ~ Candace, USA

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“WOW . . . this is so energetic.
Judy is so full of love!” ~Donnis
“Outstanding series!
I have personally expanded, cleared,
healed, grown and my life is on an

awesome journey . . .
I am so “Grateful” for you, Judy.” ~Lisa
“Your site and your abilities hosting the speakers have made an incredible difference in my life and my awakening, and your opening meditations are beautiful.” ~Mari

The Caring Heart Foundation was created by Judy Anderson in 2005 after a trip to Africa. Its intention is to enhance the life experiences - both spiritually and physically - of the vulnerable, in particular: children, orphans and animals. The Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds from Jazz Up Your Life with Judy.
I invite you to join me and other Magnificent Beings from around the world for this Life-Changing Event.


You are Special. You are Unique. You are Magnificent.

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