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Join us now and you will experience Potent Activations and Life-shifting Processes on every show. 
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"Your shows have been so incredible for me.  The meditations before the show and then the processes and meditations during the shows have led me to a higher level of viewing my life and living my life on a whole different level.  Every day I am just amazed with what has happened to my life since I have been able to listen in to your shows." ~ Terri, USA

"Outstanding series! I have personally expanded, cleared, healed, grown and my life is on an awesome journey . . .  I am so Grateful for you, Judy.” ~ Lisa

“I experienced a physical transformation in my brain and my body. No words can explain this. Thank you very much.” ~ Mugla,Turkey

“Your site and your abilities hosting the speakers have made an incredible difference in my life and my awakening, and your opening meditations are beautiful.” ~ Mari

“WOW, something happened during that process.I’ve been down so much lately because my life seemed like a total mess. It’s like a dark cloud has lifted and for the first time in months I feel so wonderful. THANK YOU.” ~ Candace, USA

“WOW . . . this is so energetic. Judy is so full of love!” ~ Donnis

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Bonus Gift #1

Kenji Kumera

Art of Quantum Meditation

In this powerful attunement Kenji asks you to release all expectations of what you will experience in meditation and enter a field of imagination.  You will have the ability to manifest with ease and grace. As the voyager, you will move into the stillness as the doorway of Creation and receive your next vibrational awareness, your next level of empowerment and self - healing, and your next level of illumination.  This is a deep and profound journey into the Void, and you will return from this Quantum journey with new frequencies. You will also be given a special blessing and gift of etheric Angel/Fairy Dust to use in your life, whenever it is needed.

Bonus Gift #2

Sarah Jane-Farrell

Activating Higher Resonance Frequencies as YOU

Are you feeling an increased intensity of pain or heaviness in your body? Consciousness is speeding up, people are waking up. At this time in our history as human "BE ings" we have one foot in the old 3D reality of ego and heaviness and the other foot in the new 5D reality of more space and collective up-leveling and our physical bodies are 'Hurting". This activation will assist you and your body to move into the new higher vibrational frequencies of being, knowing, perceiving and receiving that you do matter. That if each one of us make the conscious choice to be the change we desire to see in the world, activating your dna/rna/lna the Divine nature ( DNA) easier and faster, this activation will assist you in all levels of being you in your True Nature.

Bonus Gift #3

Tamra Oviatt

Sacred Activations

These special activations are designed for You and Your Pets.
Sacred Activations clear thousands of cultural, religious, and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us “stuck” and out of the flow of life.

The first Activation targets 3 areas:

  • Clear out energies that your pet has picked up from you, your family, and/or society.
  • Place a protective shield around your animal's auric field to keep negative energies away from your pet.
  • Clear your pet's need and/or the feeling of responsibility to carry your traumas for you.

The Second Activation is to clear Separation Anxiety for You and Your Pets

The Third Activation will balance the chakras for You and Your Pets.

Bonus Gift #4

Deborah Pietsch

Clearing Your Field and Owning Your Sovereignty

Experiencing this energy and then the aftereffect is really something unique. Humbly, the energy I am a conduit for is high vibration Light frequencies that my body has been up-leveled to be able to bring through. I then utilize this energy to work with a single person or a group of people’s holographic energy field. It is quite powerful, potent, visceral and transformational. I can only say this after 100’s of private sessions and many, many groups I’ve worked with. The true reflection is from the overwhelming evidence of transformation people experience and the continuous joy & appreciation as feedback!

The energy I bring forth is a high vibration LIGHT energy that comes through in different ways, but most noticeable is when I move the energy through my mouth; my mouth moves very, very fast and then Activation is underway. With the Activation energy, I then Alchemically Activate “codes” of your I AM Presence, new programs for living in alignment with your Highest Good & Truth, energy fields, Merkabas, as well as transform and transmute energies (and more) that no longer serve your Highest Good.

Bonus Gift #5

Saryon Michael White


This 20 minute meditation/visualization is a spontaneous channeled activation from the angels to connect people with the growing collective of people in the world that are holding the new stewardship model of wealth.

It is a meditation to restore the spiritual frequency of gold in human consciousness and a channeling that explains what is shifting as we move from an ownership to a stewardship model of society. This 20 minute journey unfolded as part of a live 1 day workshop with a small group.

Bonus Gift #6

Pam Rennie

Centering With Archangel Gabriel

Enjoy a profound shift in your energy, thought and emotion as you participate in this simple yet powerful exercise, gifted to us by Archangel Gabriel.
You will come to center within a few minutes, in present time feeling more discerning and connected to your deepest intuition.

The benefits of this exercise are many. Use to begin a meditation, access more creativity or shift away from an uncomfortable feeling or reaction. The possibilities are limitless.

Energetic Awakening

The Caring Heart Foundation

The Caring Heart Foundation was created by Judy Anderson in 2005 after a trip to Africa.

Its intention is to enhance the life experiences - both spiritually and physically - of the vulnerable, in particular: children, orphans and animals.

The Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds from Jazz Up Your Life with Judy. I invite you to join me and other Magnificent Beings from around the world for this Life-Changing Event.

You are Special.

You are Unique.

You are Magnificent.

Much Love and Light,

Host and Founder