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April 4 - July 28, 2016

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Spring Series Begins April 4th

Listen, learn, interact and work with Leading Visionaries, Medical Intuitives, Energy Healers, and Spiritual Teachers who are committed to YOUR Transformation.

Our expert guest speakers have been featured on the following networks:

Look around today and what do you see?  

It's no secret that a lot of people are really struggling.

Physical Health Problems:
Illness, Disease, Ailments, Chronic Pain

Mental & Emotional Issues:
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Fear, Phobias

Love, Relationships or Family Matters

Economic Hardship or Financial Worries

Career or Employment Concerns

A Crises of Spirit or Faith

Can you relate?

Are you facing challenges in your own life?

Is life a constant struggle?

If so, you're not alone.  And we have some very good news for you.

Whatever challenges you face...

You're in the right place.

Because the truth of the matter is...

It doesn't have to be this way.

Life doesn't have to be this hard.

Thousands of people from all around the world have experienced deep, profound shifts in their lives just from listening to and participating in our events.  

All our events are live & interactive, providing invaluable one-on-one opportunities with our guest experts, and delivering practical, proven, real-world results.

Our intention is to empower you.

We give you the knowledge and tools you need to accelerate your growth and bring your life to a whole new level.

Break through to your greatest Health, Wealth and Happiness!

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Through live one-on-one personal interactions with our guest experts, you will receive:

  • Potent processes and activations
  • Restorative and therapeutic energy work
  • Efficient and effective targetted precision laser coaching
  • Tips, tricks and experts' tool kits
  • Daily meditations that soothe and nourish the soul 
  • Readings, channellings, and guidance from angels and spirit guides
  • Support, encouragement and the inspiration to soar!
  • And so much more....

Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions and Experience Profound Shifts in Your Life!


Are you ready for more love in your life, including self-love?


Want to up your vibration/frequency so that many of your heart’s desires come to you with grace and ease?


Do you desire a strong, conscious spiritual connection to Source?


Do you long for the answer to the question, “Why am I here?”


Is it time for you to open up and accept the abundance that is available to you?


And while we know that your spiritual growth is a serious matter, do you still want to have fun???!!!

Join thousands of others who have experienced profound shifts in their lives!

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Jump-start your personal transformation with our

Free Bonus Gift Package

Bonus #1
Ancient Templates of Wisdom Guided Meditation
by Elizabeth McCullough

An any-time meditation which can clear the central Chakras, support energy flow and personal peace as well as calming the mind! This guided meditation uses the Ancient Templates of Wisdom and special sound tones to deeply and immediately heighten the frequency of the body and mind. Use this in the mornings to jump start your day, or whenever you need support to process and clear energy.

Bonus #2
Happy Dance of Awakening

by Kimberly Crowe

It is time to Dance the Happy Dance of Awakening to Your Inner Awakened Mastery Self! This mp3 was created specially for the Jazz Up Community to support your journey to awaken the eternal internal happy dance. This is your divine birthright to have happiness and it is your time to live this in the now!!

This retonement transmission resets the celluar binary codes to happiness. Be's a Key to manifesting your dreams!!!

Bonus #3
Seals of Creation Teleclass

by Cynthia Charis

In this tele class Cynthia guides you on a journey with the Avatars to open the Seals of Creation, activate the template of your Immortal Perfection, and merge with the Great Central Sun to ignite the crystalline 5th dimensional light body within you.

Bonus #4

by Rhonda Rule

“Love” Open your heart and dissolve any illusion that you are not loved and treasured beyond measure.  The divine love of higher resonance within this track inspires compassion, self appreciation, and the courage to LIVE your radiant presence now.

“Vision of Peace” This track supports our choice to hold a positive vision of peace in the face of any negative illusion of chaos. Our precious world with all it’s complexity of beliefs and choices is sacred and we are making the choice to protect our evolving human experience in every moment.

Bonus #5
PTSD Meditation & Healing

by Mas Sajady

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events such as losing a loved one, car accidents, sexual assault and war. Over 100 million people have searched for solutions on one PTSD website.

Get Instilled in the Frequency of Suicide Prevention - Spiritual Clarity - Forgiveness - Self-Acceptance - Self-Love - Mental Health Frequency - True Understanding of the Situation - A Sense of Well-being.

Please share with those who would benefit from it.

Bonus #6
Sacred Activations

by Tamra Oviatt

These special activations are designed for You and Your Pets.

Sacred Activations clear thousands of cultural, religious, and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us “stuck” and out of the flow of life.

The first Activation targets 3 areas:

  1. Clear out energies that your pet has picked up from you, your family, and/or society.
  1. Place a protective shield around your animal's auric field to keep negative energies away from your pet.
  2. Clear your pet's need and/or the feeling of responsibility to carry your traumas for you.

The Second Activation is to clear Separation Anxiety for You and Your Pets.The Third Activation will balance the chakras for You and Your Pets.

Tamra is also sharing her potent activation for Disconnecting from Suicidal Thoughts.Please feel free to download and share with others that could benefit from it.

Bonus #7
Mind Sweep

by Morry Zelcovitch

Mind Sweep is a short entrainment designed to literally "clean out the closet" of your mind. You see, the nature of issues like PTSD, depression and so many others is based in repetitive thought processes. Too many thoughts, too many bad thoughts, repeating themselves over and over and over again in your mind, creating a situation of stress and confusion that make it very hard to live and be happy. Listening to this recording regularly and consistently can help to quiet the repetitive thought process of your mind and give you a kind of relief and break, allowing a sense of calm and normalcy to return.

Bonus #8
Energies of the Christos with Essential Dolphin Energy

by Sherry Phillips

Silent and verbal transmissions of rebirth and renewal. Layered with unconditional love and essential dolphin energies of Rejuvenation, Regeneration, and Alignment.

Bonus #9
Activating the Heart Chakra

by Scott Smith

Are you done with your stuff? Are you ready to clear out your heart chakra, move on, and move into the possibilities attracted to a new version of You?

Highlights of this session:
- Understand the center of the Core of Being
- Learn to purify your energy systems from the center of the Core of Being
- Clear out all the “stuff” we all put into our Heart Chakra that just doesn’t need to be there
- Expand the Divine Energy you allow into your Heart Chakra fully
- Experience a Heart Chakra Activation, integrating a larger bandwidth of Divine Shakti, Divine Energies
- Experience your Self fully, allowing these energies to expand throughout your body system


We respect your privacy. Your email will not be shared.

Here are the Special Guests who will guide You to the Life You Dream of and Deserve…..


Anthropologist, Scientist, and Seer

Speaker Bio


Spirit Medicine Healer

Speaker Bio


Intuitive Energy Healer

Speaker Bio


Angelic Healer, Reader, Channel and Medium

Speaker Bio



Speaker Bio


Visionary Entrepreneur and Author

Speaker Bio


Shamanic Coach and Master Healer

Speaker Bio


The Sage

Speaker Bio


Shamanic Practitioner & Acupressure Therapist

Speaker Bio


Everyday Mystic

Speaker Bio


Master of Change and Flow

Speaker Bio


The Immortal Rann

Speaker Bio

Michael Allenbright

Doctor of Consciousness

Speaker Bio


Ordained Minister, Doctor of Holistic Nutritional Healing

Speaker Bio


Prolific Artist, Musician and Author

Speaker Bio

Marion Mace &
Brian Power

International Teachers & Holistic Practitioners

Speaker Bio


President and Founder of HighChi LLC

Speaker Bio


Emmy Award Winning Musician & Music Healer

Speaker Bio


Theta Healing

Speaker Bio


Energy Worker, Master of the Core of Being

Speaker Bio


Scalar Energy Healer

Speaker Bio

Prageet Harris & Julieanne Conard

Internationally Renowned Channel

Speaker Bio


Professional Energy Healer & Animal Communicator

Speaker Bio

Sarah Jane

Multi-sensory Medical Intuitive

Speaker Bio


An Energetic lightPLAYER

Speaker Bio


Mr. Truthseeker

Speaker Bio


Energy Intuitive

Speaker Bio

den Haan

Spiritual Channel & Healer

Speaker Bio


Star Priestess & Light Language Channel

Speaker Bio


Spiritual Healer

Speaker Bio


Clairvoyant Frequency Master

Speaker Bio


Soul Whisperer, Medical Intuitive

Speaker Bio


Spiritual Healer

Speaker Bio


Soul Purpose Expert

Speaker Bio


Clairvoyant & Psychic Advisor 

Speaker Bio


 Spiritual, Theta and Energy Teacher and Healer

Speaker Bio


Spiritual Healer

Speaker Bio


to all our FREE 
Transformational Events

We respect your privacy. Your email will not be shared.

Here’s what members of our Jazz Up Community say:

"Wow that was a supercharge of electricity! I don't think I can sleep. Maybe I'll jump in a sports car and drive around in my dreams. Now I know why your show is so awesomely unique. Sometimes you make me crack up laughing like no other show can. Thanks, Judy, you light up this galaxy and beyond. Starlight twinkles!”


~ Love, Colleen Troudt




"What an incredible week of shows its been! Between giggly, dinking, master cat heart meditation and shamanic journeying! I am feeling wonderful, and of course your bubbling bliss energy brings out the absolute best in all your guests. You are like a glass of champagne! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing grace.”


~ Love, Clare


"I love your show because you are such a peaceful, joyous, loving, caring, gentle, kind, comforting, beautiful angel to listen to... You always brighten my day.”


~ Thanks and love, Pamela




"The meditations prior to each call are equally as valuable as the "calls"....and you have had some WONDERFUL shows. All in all no matter what, the energy I remember MOST is yours walking each of us through meditation. Judy, it truly IS a PRECIOUS GIFT...thank you so very much. Your energy rings so beautifully through your voice, and your skills in interviewing others are excellent. The unique way you tailor each day's meditation with a new phrase or twist, lets me know it’s always IN THE MOMENT, fresh and loving. Bless you for your tremendous generosity and loving heart in action.”


~ Virginia


"This whole call was just FULL of love, compassion, authenticity and wisdom... I could feel the power of that and the co-creation energy was really beautiful.”


~ Linda




"I just want to express my appreciation for you! The I AM filled with so much Love and sweetness and purity and compassion. I feel it in your voice as if you were here with me in my room when I listen to your meditations and interview your amazing guests. I sense your deep appreciation for the earth and Nature and animals and feel your heart. Thank you for being you -- what a blessing.”


~ Karen, Cali dog and Foxy cat


"Magical indeed, and I so loved hearing your voice "coming back" from the adventure! It always gives me a great chuckle, for you are out there creating new space with whatever is proposed. I love the feeling of next adventure that spending time with you provides. THANKS!!!"


Are You Ready to Spring Into:

•  Overflowing Happiness & Joy

•  Radiant Vibrant Heath

•  Abundance & Prosperity

•  Loving Relationships

•  Higher Vibrational Energy

•  Deeper Spiritual Awareness


to all our FREE 
Transformational Events

We respect your privacy. Your email will not be shared.

When you join our special Jazz Up Community, you not only support your total well-being, you also are contributing energetically, and if you so choose, financially, to global change.

A Caring Heart Foundation

After a trip to Africa in 2005 Judy created A Caring Heart Foundation, specifically to support the most vulnerable: young children, particularly orphans, and animals.*

Tanzania Orphanage

Tanzania School

Peru School

Peru Animal Sanctuary

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

National Mill Dog Rescue

His Promise Ministries, Namibia

*A portion of all proceeds is donated to various worth-while charities.

Meet Your Host, Judy Anderson

Born on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska, animals played a big part in Judy’s early life (just like Simba and Mollie do now!) After college she embarked on a life journey that took her to New York City to work at the UN Association, followed by volunteer work and studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, then back to New York City to an acting career. Always interested in self-growth/discovery, along the way she became an ordained minister, Medicine Woman and energy healer. Her true spiritual passion led her to work with internationally known Rev. Ike, followed by a public relations project with Merrill Lynch which took her back to Europe. 

Needing more trees (nature) in her life, she moved to Colorado where she was in advertising sales and had her own publishing company. At one point facing bankruptcy in one of her businesses, she had a huge need to really connect with the spiritual side of her life. Doing so, she turned the business around and went on to create a six figure income.

Travel has always been a big part of her life, from being awarded an Around the World Trip, which included a 7 week stay in India studying with renown world religion scholar, Huston Smith, to teaching English in Japan, on safari and volunteer work in Africa, or visiting the incredible Peruvian sites of Machu Picchu and Lake Titacaca and contributing to a Peruvian school project and animal sanctuary.

After selling her business, she asked God during a mediation a few years later, “What can I do to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people’s lives?” A very short time later, through synchronistic events, she founded her global telesummit, “Jazz Up Your Life with Judy: Breakthrough to Your Greatest Health, Wealth & Happiness!” which allows her to be a catalyst for change in people’s and animals’ lives from home with her pups Mollie, the Intern, and Simba, her co-host.

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