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~ Radiant Vibrant Heath ~
~ Abundance & Prosperity ~
~ Loving Relationships ~

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Join us now and you will experience Potent Activations and Life-shifting Processes on every show. 
Plus you will have the opportunity to work directly with these wonderful Transformational Experts.

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It’s happened to thousands of other around the world…
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To Awaken to Your Magnificence? 

To know that You truly matter? 

To thrive within a community of Love and Support?

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"Your shows have been so incredible for me.  The meditations before the show and then the processes and meditations during the shows have led me to a higher level of viewing my life and living my life on a whole different level.  Every day I am just amazed with what has happened to my life since I have been able to listen in to your shows." ~ Terri, USA

"Outstanding series! I have personally expanded, cleared, healed, grown and my life is on an awesome journey . . .  I am so Grateful for you, Judy.” ~ Lisa

“I experienced a physical transformation in my brain and my body. No words can explain this. Thank you very much.” ~ Mugla,Turkey

“Your site and your abilities hosting the speakers have made an incredible difference in my life and my awakening, and your opening meditations are beautiful.” ~ Mari

“WOW, something happened during that process. I’ve been down so much lately because my life seemed like a total mess. It’s like a dark cloud has lifted and for the first time in months I feel so wonderful. THANK YOU.” ~ Candace, USA

“WOW . . . this is so energetic. Judy is so full of love!” ~ Donnis

Our Speakers have been featured on the following Networks:

Raquel Spencer

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Mas Sajady

Zach Rehder

Linda Shay

David Rosenthal

Prageet and Julieanne

Anrita Melchizedek





Our Regular Spring Series will begin in March

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From Sarah-Jane Farrell

Do you want to to access Your True Self?  Your True Nature?

With these Loves Notes for 30 days, Various Lessons, Written Practices  and Potent Guided Meditations and Activations by  the transformational expert, Sarah-Jane Farrell, you will be on your way to a whole new level of mindfulness and self love, for when you discover who you really are....there's an overflowing abundance of love!  That Love is healing, transformational and a manifestation catalyst.

From Saryon Michael White

A Global Ceremony of Forgiveness and Divine Union

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are calling us to align and receive from their healing elixirs as we enact a ceremony of forgiveness for all of the pain, abuse and projection that has created separation between male and female. Archangel Michael and the Angelic Presence offer protection and support as we step into our roles as emissaries of love and light. Through this ongoing global ceremony of forgiveness we are awakening into a unity consciousness where masculine and feminine are balanced and whole. Each of us can enact a part of this ceremony in our own way, to help create the balance and enter the synergy of Divine Union as it arrives within your chakras.

From Tamra Oviatt

Sacred Activations

These special activations are designed for You and Your Pets.  Sacred Activations clear thousands of cultural, religious, and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us “stuck” and out of the flow of life.

The first Activation targets 3 areas:

  • Clear out energies that your pet has picked up from you, your family, and/or society.
  • Place a protective shield around your animal's auric field to keep negative energies away from your pet.
  • Clear your pet's need and/or the feeling of responsibility to carry your traumas for you.

The Second Activation is to clear Separation Anxiety for You and Your Pets.
The Third Activation will balance the chakras for You and Your Pets.

Tamra is also sharing her potent activation for Disconnecting from Suicidal Thoughts.
Please feel free to download and share with others that could benefit from it.

From Lori Spagna

Tele-Course & e-Books

Free intro Tele-Course for Animal Communication and Telepathy
Discover What the Animals Already Know about

e-book: The Science of Being Psychic:
How to Unlock YOUR Psychic Gifts and Abilities. Why it is Scientifically Real and Valid.  

Juicy Living e-Book:
Designed to inspire, uplift, motivate, and infuse YOU with inspirational quotes to assist you in making every day the best ever!

From Mas Sajady

PTSD Meditation & Healing

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events such as losing a loved one, car accidents, sexual assault and war.  Over 100 million people have searched for solutions on one PTSD website.  

Get Instilled in the Frequency of Suicide Prevention - Spiritual Clarity - Forgiveness - Self-Acceptance - Self-Love - Mental Health Frequency - True Understanding of the Situation - A Sense of Well-being.

Please share with those who would benefit from it.

From Morry Zelcovitch

Mind Sweep

Mind sweep is a short entrainment designed to literally "clean out the closet" of your mind. You see, the nature of issues like PTSD, depression and so many others is based in repetitive thought processes. Too many thoughts, too many bad thoughts, repeating themselves over and over and over again in your mind, creating a situation of stress and confusion that make it very hard to live and be happy.

Listening to this recording regularly and consistently can help to quiet the repetitive thought process of your mind and give you a kind of relief and break, allowing a sense of calm and normalcy to return.

Energetic Awakening

The Caring Heart Foundation

The Caring Heart Foundation was created by Judy Anderson in 2005 after a trip to Africa.

Its intention is to enhance the life experiences - both spiritually and physically - of the vulnerable, in particular: children, orphans and animals.

The Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds from Jazz Up Your Life with Judy. I invite you to join me and other Magnificent Beings from around the world for this Life-Changing Event.

You are Special.

You are Unique.

You are Magnificent.

Much Love and Light,

Host and Founder

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