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Deborah Pietsch
Beyond Talk…Activate Your DNA & Light Codes

85% Off

  Clearing Your Energy Field

  Calling Back Your Energy, Healing Soul Fragmentation

  2 Prosperity Calls

  7 Days of Powerful Creation Activations

  Manifesting Personal & Global Financial Reset

  $100 off coupon

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"Oh my God! I don't know what just happened to me! I can't stop the flow of tears. I'm listening to the Deborah Pietsch replay and I was tempted to laugh when she began stimulating our pineal gland with those "ridiculous" noises. My instant reaction was "This is just silly" and I seriously doubted it would work. I'm guessing that reaction lasted less than a second. First, I felt spasms in my left upper arm. Then, my scalp drew up. As I asked, "Could this really be working and will I experience dramatic leaps in my psychic abilities and my connection with my higher self", tears began to flow, I even wept at times. I stood up and found myself in a dazed state. So, I'm left wondering, "What just happened to me."
Carolyn Vines

"Wow Judy, this call rocked my world ! When Deborah was running those weird noises I completely went into another space of being and the Christ consciousness got me going too. I really resonated with you both on the call and my cats were all absorbing those higher vibrational resonances and stayed right to the end! Thank you for the amazing contribution you are, simply amazing how light my body is after the call. Thank you thank you!"
Sara J.

"!!! Thank you sooo much! I cried and then tingled all over! Amazing!!!.... Thank you both, you are angels! Love you!"

"Dearest Judy, I have to tell you that I am writing in gratitude for you turning me onto Deborah Pietsch. I listened to her activation and am still crying. She blew me away with such powerful truth- I'm j ust blissfully crying from what happened. This email may not make sense but I just wanted to thank you in the moment and tell you how grateful I am. Always with love and blessings"

Raquel Spencer

13 Hours of Multi-Dimensional Energy Transmissions!!! Great to add to your daily spiritual alignments!

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"Thankyou so much wonderful Raquel and Judy. It has been a fantastic call"
Karin, Denmark

"WThank you both so much for this very interesting call and activation. Blessings:)"

"Fabulous Wonderful Information! Thank you so Very much! For your Fantastic Light and Love Raquel! and Judy for bringing Raquel to your show!"
JoAnn, Indiana

"You are beautiful and your voice sounds like an angels."
Dawn, FLA

Sarah-Jane Farrell

  A private session with Sarah-Jane

  Several MP3s on Animal Communication

  6 Easy Steps to take Animals Out of Trauma (Thunder is coming in the northern hemisphere! Here's a solution)

  Facilitating Animals in Shelters and Rehabilitation Centers

  Connect to Your Inner Guides & Animal Spirits


  Info-packed ebook on Nutrition (65 pages)

  Assisting Animals in the Dying Process

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"Hi, Judy, I was able to listen to the phenomenal webinar that yourself and Sarah-Jane Farrell presented to open hearts, minds and spirited people. It truly touched the core of my being, listening to you and Sarah-Jane. This was such a Powerful program that reached energetically to animal lovers. I send love, light to both you and & Sarah-Jane, in all that you do for our beloved animals."

"Ah Judy and Sarah, what a great session, this is really great work and you are amazing for offering this. Much love to you all"
Avril, SA

"Beautiful SARAH,~ You are so incredibly MAGNIFICENTLY contributing such a huge, High Vibration for All ENERGIES GLOBALLY.WOW!! I was so absorbed with all of the info and clearing you gave us both in the session, yesterday, I was floating,in such a FREEING High. Today I am excited to start the package of ll the amazing Programs.I LOVE YOU "
D & Anya < High Paw 5 in love thanx U>

"Hi, Judy, I was able to listen to the phenomenal webinar that yourself and Sarah-Jane Farrell presented to open hearts, minds and spirited people. It truly touched the core of my being, listening to you and Sarah-Jane. This was such a Powerful program that reached energetically to animal lovers. I send love, light to both you and & Sarah-Jane, in all that you do for our beloved animals."
Donna Harden and lil Anya. her sheltie companion

Christel Hughes

Christel asked what would be the best for the Jazz Up Your Life Community and the answer was her latest creation:

Wisdom Path Ascension Program which includes

~Energy Technology Toolkit supporting Your Journey through Heart Activation, Heightened Awareness and Soul Ascension

~The Golden Grid Manifestation Seminar

~Energy Tools & Technology for becoming Irresistibly Attractive and Radiant for: Love - Prosperity - Purpose

Energetic Management System:  Your Transformational Tool Kit

The Emotional Security System
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Anne, Toronto

Thank You" Joy, Canada

"Thank you! You answered my question and much more...I just experienced the Healing I have been seeking...Namaste."
Deirdra, Long Beach

"Thank YOU so much Judy... For having the courage to share your life's work and passion... And having these calls bless our lives! I could feel your deep gratitude and connection at the end of the call. Christel's group process answered my question. I could feel the connection to the golden grid, and clearly felt the 8th chakra connection, such a gift...thank you"
Deb, RI

"Thank you, thank you! Spot on 5 operations, over the past 15 years on the sacral area, the lastest being in 2012, never had children. Thank you and GOD Bless you.""
Winniefred, London

"Hi Christel& Judy, Love this call, thank you so much!"
Kristin, CA

"Love the call. Thank you to you both!"
Jo, Kansas

"I just had a breakthrough realization during the chat..."
Shafin, Toronto

"Hi Ladies, Love what you both do.. Love and light"
Deb, NJ

Kelly Hampton

86% Off

  30 minute Personal Session: Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Session,

  30 minute Personal Session: Channeling with Archangel Michael

  Two Coaching Calls (will be recorded)

  1. Star Healing Intergalactic Healing for Small Animals
  2. Live channeling with Archangel Michael answering YOUR questions

  Ascended Spaces Home Clearing Ascension System (wonderful!)

  Into the White Light

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"Thank you so very much for the reading and for the amazing peace that was created with elevator techniques."
Eleonora, NY

"Yes Hurrah thank you !!!!!!"
Karin, Nibe

"I am grinning ear to ear. It feels permanent:-) THANK YOU."
Darlene; Southport

"The day after (my Star Healing session) I noticed my reiki had gotten stronger, and I was feeling more secure. The latter may not sound like much, but it was worth a lot to me. I feel like I am more "me": lighter, more grounded, more sane, & my heart is more open.

After a few days, I started playing audios for aura clearing, calling back energy, and grounding. This kind of thing I have wanted to do for at least a couple years, but I would blow it off along with everything else. I feel really good about doing the work with the audios, and it's very helpful; and I can't help thinking it was the two sessions we had.

I'm motivated to get my space together, which is wonderful, and do the space attunement, (Ascended Spaces) and I'm partway there. "
Tracey Ann Costello, USA

Colby Wilk

88% Off
If YOU're ready to shift at your DEEP CORRE and move into a new level of being, this is for YOU! Lots of Simple & Practical Energetic Techniques &Processes ! I listened to one of these mp3s and was amazed!
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"Fab Call!"
Lorraine, UK

"Colby is Awesome!"

"Colby is a very gracious, fun loving healer. Thank You!"
Arlene, Canada

"Colby I know how hard you have worked to transform your life and I have one of your packages and love it as I love you. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing us how to be our powerful, beautiful selves, no matter what our situation. You are a darling and am so grateful to know you and your work. May your light always shine your light so bright that we need to wear shades. "
Much Love, Teresa L.,San Diego

"Thank you Colby, I felt Mother Mary too, I have tears running done my face."
Lorrain, UK

"Colby is awesome."
Pat, Bellevue

"Hi Judy Colby is a very gracious, fun, loving healer. Thank you for helping so many people."
Arlene, Canada

Jim Oliver

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"I just LOVED that music!! Thank you so much- must check out your special offer as soon as class is over. "
Juli, Chicago

"Thank You!"
Fran, UK

"I could feel my body tingling all over. Bravo"
Brenda, USA

"Thank You for sharing your gift!"

"your beautiful music has a magical way of taking us into another dimension...another realm Thank You so much!"

Dee Wallace

Channeling,The Most Important Decision You will Ever Make, Holy Health, The Formula & the Symbol (3 languages that will be used in the next few years)Loving yourself, Hear a Private Session with Dee AND Get a HUGE Discount on a Private Session with Dee! Wow!

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"I want to express my appreciation for your recent interview with Dee Wallace. The amazing and powerful information she offered on the call prompted me to purchase her package. The package contained a massive amount of information and processes and was just what I had been searching for. I went on to purchase the personal session with Dee. What was revealed to me during our session was powerful, perfect and addressed all my health and abundance questions and much more. What a marvelous and generous channel! I look forward to listening to her again soon on your program."
Susan B.

"Thank you so much - a very profound call. I see why I was guided to listen in. Awesome."
Leslie, Aurora

"Judy, I'm so thankful for YOU, and your help with your teleclasses in helping me go forward. That was a huge (release?) today.As this is sitting with me, I am getting it. You got to it - the scared little girl. I am Divine Love. I love me and love me more and love me even more today. Universe come in and be my partner in my creations, desires, dreams, wishes, decisions and manifestations. I am a beautiful, powerful, magnificent broad"

"Dee, my little girls thanks you so much for guidance and healing. The first caller squarely hit my life long issue. The broad is free!"
Beverly, MN

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

59% Off

  Sacred Geometry for Wealth & Abundance Tools to Bring More Wealth, Love, Health & Abundance into Your Reality NOW

  Awakened Human Activation Series
***NEW*** Detox Frequency
***NEW*** Freedom from Anxiety & Fear

  Calling in Your Soul Mate

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"WOW! I had a Major fear question earlier - but as soon as u started the clearing-I REALLY STARTED FEELING BETTER IMMEDIATELY! AMAZING! Thank u so MUCH DR. AND OF COURSE-U PRECIOUS JUDY<3THANK U! THANK U! "

"Thanks so much, Kim. That was courageously brilliant and just what I needed. So powerful, splendid and helps me move through some difficulties with loss & fear. Blessings & LOL"
Jackie M.

"Judy and Dr. Kim; Thank you both for bringing love & light into the universe.Blessings, love & light."
Emily D

"Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you wonderful beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lori Spagna
Activating Your Dormant DNA and Tapping into YOUR True Intuitive Gifts and Healing Potential

90% Off

  All you need for Your Intuitive Development

  Learn Numerology

  Are YOU a Lightworker?


  Ascension & Your Dormant DNA

Over 19 hours of Powerful Energy Activations, DNA Upgrades, and information

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"….allowed me to transform my life for the better, and in most remarkable ways imaginable."

"…in my 80 years, I have worked with a lot of teachers/healers and I find Lori to be among the best that I have experienced."
Ron H.

"I learned new tools to bring my intentions and dreams into reality. I felt the energy shift in my body as we did the Theta Healing. I felt so many wonderful sensations. I felt very connected to the power of Divine Energy."
M. L.

William Farber

This Potent Package of Unique Wave Alignments will always raise Your Frequency, Check it Out!

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"I had a very aggressive type of ovarian cancer and I really believe Bill was instrumental in my cure. The doctors had given me a 5% chance of recovery. His long distance phone treatments lessened the side effects of the roughest type of chemo possible. What he did was incredible. I feel good and am still cancer free after eight years. I don't think I would be here today without the help I received from Bill."
D.S., Fairfield IA

"Bill, what magic have you done?!! I'm able to jump out of a chair, something I couldn't do for years. I am able to stand without feeling like I'm going to collapse into a heap. I'm able to do simple tasks around the house which I could never get down to doing. My mind feels like a fog around it has lifted. This is all truly unbelievable! I now feel new, like an engine that has been rehauled!! This is like magic!! Thank you!"
T.R. (Multiple Sclerosis patient, distant healing client) Mumbai, India

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